Captivating Portraits of Clothing Made From Trash

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Reusing materials including corks, tires, ties, and paper, Avantgarb(age) is not yet another collection of clothing with recycled components, nor is it a preachy monologue about the evils of our consumer lifestyle.

The project, a collaboration between American photographer Caitlin Margaret Kelly and designer Aidana Baldassarre, is an invitation to think: about trash, textures, the power of art, and the contrasts between city and nature, through carefully crafted portraits.

It all began when Kelly settled in Buenos Aires about two years ago and was introduced to Baldassarre's work through a common acquaintance.

"Her ideas of art and recycling struck me as attention getting and non preaching. Too many times we are being told we have to do this or that for the environment, but Aidana was not involved in pretense, she was just being natural and making art for the sake of creating," says Kelly.

An example of Baldassarre's art is these pants made with salvaged milk bags.

Photo: Caitlin Margaret Kelly.

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