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Silicon Forest

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brian borrello silicon forest portland oregon

credit: Brian Borrello

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Portland-based artist Brian Borrello's "Silicon Forest" is "a perfect example of integration between new technologies and urban landscape[s]," Zamora writes on his website. "The organic forms seem like a group of trees that illuminate the surroundings at night using the solar power that has been collecting during the day."

Located at the Interstate/Rose Quarter Station, a light-rail stop in an industrial part of the Oregon city, Silicon Forest is part of the local transit agency TriMet's public art program.

"Artwork at every stop along the MAX Yellow Line draws from the history and culture of the area to create a unique identity for each station," TriMet writes on its website. Borrello's illuminated metal trees generate their own electricity from solar panels, while "light filtering through colored glass on shelter roofs simulates the dappled light of a forest," "custom guardrails feature branching tree limbs and roots," and "concrete tree rings in the platform symbolize the forest once abundant on the site."