9 Crowdfunded Solar Powered Gadgets: Where Are They Now?

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credit: Peppermint Energy

The Forty2: Solar Microgrid in a Box

This project is a "plug-n-play" solar microgrid in a box, combining solar panels, Li-ion batteries, an inverter, and an energy efficiency monitor, all with a footprint of just three feet by two feet. According to the inventors, the Forty2 is capable of powering not just gadgets and portable devices, but also lighting systems, TVs, computers, and more, empowering both off-grid families and those in the developing world.

Peppermint Energy launched the Kickstarter campaign for The Forty2 in August of 2012, with a goal of $25,000, but quickly raised over $80,000 in about a month. This device is being billed as a "Utility in a Box":

"Unlike other things you may have seen come to market, this isn't a kit... This is true solar power that incorporates storage for when the sun isn't shining. It is powerful enough to run small appliances, light up a small army of LED lights, charge several laptops or a couple dozen cell phones, or power a pretty big TV."

The company is now taking pre-orders for the Forty2, at a special discounted price of $699. For more info, see Peppermint Energy.

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