9 Crowdfunded Solar Powered Gadgets: Where Are They Now?

HYQUATOR Solar Water Disinfector

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credit: iTRONYC

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This gadget also addressed an important need -- clean, safe drinking water off the grid -- and used solar power to provide the necessary juice. The idea was to produce a portable solar-powered electronic device which provides safe drinking water by killing pathogenic microorganisms in the source water within minutes.

The Kickstarter campaign was launched in February of 2012 with a goal of raising $60,000, but it fell far short by only raising a small fraction of that amount - just $2500. This was a first-time campaign by a startup called iTRONYC, and perhaps it was too ambitious of a goal for a first project, or perhaps it fell short because it was less focused on philanthropy. Whatever the reason, it could serve as a cautionary lesson for those seeking crowdfunding. As of today, the company's website and Facebook page have no info about whether or not they will pursue this product in the future.

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