9 Crowdfunded Solar Powered Gadgets: Where Are They Now?

WakaWaka Compact Solar Power Station & Light

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credit: WakaWaka via Kickstarter

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This little device can not only provide solar powered light to see by, but can also charge other gadgets. After the effects of recent superstorms such as Hurricane Sandy, it's apparent that it's not just for the developing world or for backpacking, but could be an essential piece of disaster preparedness gear for just about anyone.

WakaWaka (which means "Shine Bright" in Swahili) was launched on Kickstarter in December of 2012, with an initial goal of $50,000. The project blew past that very quickly, going on to raise a staggering $374,000! This campaign built on their initial success of a solar powered light campaign launched in November 2011, which raised $48,000 for producing a solar LED light.

Now the company is gearing up to build an assembly line in Haiti with their Light Up Haiti campaign, where 370,000 people still live in shelters three years after the earthquake.

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