Powered by Public Art: 10 Stunning "Aesthetic Power Plants" for Abu Dhabi and Dubai


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Windstalk, an entry in the Land Art Generator 2010 UAE Design Competition

credit: Dario Nunez Ameni and Thomas Siegl

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A forest of 1,203 towering stalks, this design by the New York-based team of Dario Nunez Ameni and Thomas Siegl for the Airport Road site in Abu Dhabi takes its inspiration from "the way the wind caresses a field of wheat, or reeds in a marsh." The tips of each "Windstalk" glow based on the strength of the wind, which the sculpture would harness to generate up to 20,000 MWh of electricity annually.

The bases that support the stalks are "arrayed along the site following a logarithmic spiral, the kind we see in the center of a sunflower," and are shaped so that they concentrate scarce rainwater and allow native plants to take hold.

Say the designers: "Visitors can walk on the bases of the stalks, lean on the slopes, lie down, stay awhile, and listen to the sound the wind makes as it rushes overhead."