Powered by Public Art: 10 Stunning "Aesthetic Power Plants" for Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Choreographies in the Sky

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Choreographies in the Sky, an entry in the Land Art Generator 2010 UAE Design Competition

credit: Carlos Daniel Campos, Yamila Zynda Aiub, Ignacio Savid, Rafael Lorenzo, and Martin Dellatorre

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Organic photovoltaic integrated into paraglider fabric forms the basis for "Choreographies in the Sky," demonstrating how the "recent explosion in a variety of photovoltaic technologies is allowing the technology to become a medium," as Monoian explained at a recent talk in Istanbul.

A team from Buenos Aires designed the 4,000-MWh-capacity work for a site near the Ras al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary in Dubai, where the "wings" would shade the area while they collect solar energy during the day, then take flight at night, creating glowing columns and patterns in the air.