Most Americans want solar, so why aren't they going solar? (Charts)

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Americans think we need renewable energy

A new nationwide survey from Clean Edge and SolarCity shows what many previous surveys have shown — Americans think we need renewable energy. (Of course, we definitely do need it!) People from all political stripes, from cities as well as suburbs, from red states as well as blue states, etc. realize that renewable energy is important to our future.

"Not only do a strong majority of homeowners nationally (88%) believe that renewable energy is very or somewhat important to America’s future, but that support is pretty evenly split among respondents’ political affiliations, with Republicans, Democrats, and Independents coming in at 87%, 93%, and 83%, respectively," Clean Edge and SolarCity write in the report.

While other studies have shown similar results, these findings still stand out to me. Despite all the hate speech and misinformation on media outlets like Fox News and amongst Republican leadership in Congress, even Republicans and Independents heavily support renewable energy.

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