Google buys flying wind-turbine startup Makani Power

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Makani Power airbone kite wind turbine
credit: Makani Power

Internet giant Google has always been a strange company with a finger in many pies. Renewable energy is one of those, and so far it has make huge investments in wind and solar power. So it's not too surprising to learn that it has just bought Makani Power, a startup working on airborne kite-like wind turbines. Google was already an investor in Makani ($10 million in 2006, $5 million in 2008), but apparently owning just part of it wasn't enough anymore (Makani will become part of Google X research facility).

I thought this acquisition would be a good opportunity to have a closer look at what Makani Power is trying to do with its innovative airborne wind turbines. Because they have some nice photos available, I've used the large image format. Click the arrow to see the next slide.

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