Photo: Young yellow-crowned night heron visits the bay

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Our photo of the day comes California's beautiful Morro Bay.

Wildlife photographer Don Quintana has the good fortune to be able to work with his camera in what seems to be a slice of heaven for wildlife photographers: The beautiful state of California. Of this fetching photo of a juvenile yellow-crowned night heron, Don writes:

A new visitor to our county, this Yellow-crowned Night Heron brought all the local birders out to see it. But, what really made the event special, was that there were two Yellow-Crowned Night herons in the area together. Both of them were juvenile. As I type, they are still frequenting the marina, along with two other special birds, a Nelson’s Sparrow and a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher. I just love this time of year for birding!

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387 of 1476

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