Photo: Young great horned owl practices the wisdom gaze

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Our photo of the day comes from Calgary, Canada.

Aside from the misinformed insult of someone being "bird-brained," birds are actually quite intelligent, thank you very much. Once you've sees a corvid use tools and solve puzzles, it's hard not to admire their smarts. But perhaps no bird has such a lofty reputation for intelligence as the wise old owl.

While we don't know that owls are any smarter than any other birds – and crows and their kin may be hard to top in the clever department – owls have been associated with intelligence ever since Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, took an owl as her companion. And then there's that gaze. While an owl's eyes are big and round to facilitate all that hunting in the dark, it sure does add to the all-knowing vibe ... as so wonderfully captured in this young great horned owl, photographed by Tony LePrieur in Calgary's Fish Creek Provincial Park.

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411 of 1608

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