Photo: The wild mustangs of California

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In The Wild Horses of the Mojave, Suzanne Hurt writes: "Few things invoke images of the Wild West like mustangs. These fast-moving icons of an untamed, independent frontier have grabbed the American consciousness with an ethereal elusiveness akin to smoke rising from a just-doused campfire: the barest hint of their existence can stir the soul."

And indeed, just this photo alone – taken by photographer Rollie Rodriguez – is enough to make the soul downright dizzy!

Hurt writes that this California herd has about 230 members and travels high into the Pizona Range in summers, and sometimes into upper elevations in the north end of the White Mountains; in winter, they migrate to lower elevations like the Adobe Valley, where this photo was taken. (For a fascinating history of the horses, read the short article here – it's great.)

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483 of 1428

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