Photo: The wild beauty of California's mustangs

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Our photo of the day comes from Inyo County, California.

So maybe wild horses couldn't drag Mick Jagger away, but photographer Don Quintana is a different story. Don writes of this stunning shot of wild mustangs:

My latest adventure into the Eastern Sierra was primarily to capture Fall color, work on landscape photography techniques, and discover the potential for a future tour here. If you know me, you know that I can be distracted from these things by a squirrel. Throw in a herd of wild horse, and I am gone completely. I could spend days just observing their behaviors. The dynamics and hierarchal structure of the herd was interesting to watch. I’m beginning to learn as much as I possibly can about these behaviors. Always know your subject.

The first group of wild horse we encountered were right next to the road. They let us approach slowly in our vehicle. As we photographed them, an R.V. came blasting down the road sending them into a stampede. As much as I cursed the driver of that R.V. there was something truly magical about watching a herd of wild horse run through the sage brush and meadow. Eventually they would return. The next herd we encountered numbered well over 100 horses. We kept a respectable distance from them using only long lenses to capture them. In return, they gave us some wonderful natural behavior to photograph.

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