Photo: Water lily looks lit from within

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Our photo of the day reveals the flower as muse.

Looking at this water lily photographed by Jean-Pierre Douence I am reminded of why Claude Monet and other artists have so long been inspired by flowers from the family Nymphaeaceae. The exquisite form, the way they float in fields of water and giant glossy leaves, and that light ... they devour it! Jean-Pierre muses on their beauty:

"Les batifolages fous de la lumière dans les pétales des nénuphars...

J'en connais quelques pareils dans les corolles de lotus, ou celles des magnolias...

Je ne serais pas surpris que certains photographes vendent leur matériel photographique après leur pâmoison devant de si belles choses...."

Or, as Google puts it:

"Crazy play of light in the petals of water lilies ...

I know them in lotus corollas, or those of magnolias ...

I would not be surprised if some photographers sell their photographic equipment after their swoon in front of such beautiful things ...."

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279 of 1583

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