Photo: The superhero eyes of a dragonfly

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Our reader photo of the day hints at the magnificent power behind a dragonfly's eyes.

We think we're pretty good at seeing, and why not? What we see is pretty stunning. But how would we compare if we could see through the eyes of a dragonfly? We would probably be knocked right off of our human feet.

Color vision in humans depends upon three light-sensitive proteins, called opsins, found in our retinas; dragonflies have between 15 and 33 opsins – a huge number that allows them to see in incredible detail. In addition, they have up to a whopping 30,000 individual facets, more than any other creature around. Each one creates its own image, and the dragonfly brain magically melds them all together into one wildly precise scene. Oh, plus they can see in 360 degrees ... which now makes perfect sense when viewing our photo of the day, taken by Anymouse02. Those eyes are working it!

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468 of 1609

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