Photo: Sunrise delivers a beautiful glow

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Our photo of the day comes from Burnham-on-Sea, Sedgemoor District, England.

When it comes to sunrises, the vivid candy-colored spectacles get all the attention. But photogrpaher Andrew Hocking proves there is equal beauty in the subtler affairs. The way the soft colors glow here is just dreamy, it must have been amazing to be there and be bathed in that light! Andrew writes:

"On the way home from last week's trip to Wales, I planned a sunrise stop at Burnham-on-Sea's Low Lighthouse. When I arrived at Burnham-on-Sea at sunrise, the wind was blowing a gale! I almost didn't even step foot on the beach. I'm glad I did though. Although the sun's orb could not be seen through the cloud as it rose, it still coloured the sky with blue and pink tones. This shot was taken as a distant rain shower passed behind the scene - catching the light."

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126 of 1624

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