Photo: The spotted sandpiper and confessions of a wildlife photographer

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How do wildlife photographers do it? How, for instance, did Don Quintana get this exquisite shot of a spotted sandpiper (Actitis macularius) in a creek? Well ... he tells us:

Locally there is a lot to photograph, but some days things are difficult to find. As a nature and wildlife photographer, I certainly have my go-to spots when things seem to be running a little dry. One of those go-to spots happens to be Turri Road near Los Osos. It seems like I can always find something to photograph out there. On this cold, foggy, and overcast day, I had the opportunity to photograph this Spotted Sandpiper as it bobbed and weaved around the roots and tree branches that were sticking out along the banks of Los Osos Creek. It was a challenge to catch it as it was constantly in motion, but for just a second it stopped and posed for the briefest of moments. Click! Image captured...

And there you have it. Piece of cake, right? Thank you, Don, for your great work!

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518 of 1428

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