Photo: Ring in the New Year with a pair of white-tailed jackrabbits

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Our photo of the day comes from Fish Creek Provincial Park, Calgary.

If you are one of us odd humans who obsessively utter "rabbit, rabbit" on the first day of the month, then this one is especially for you. I always thought this was a Scandinavian tradition since it was my Nordic grandma who taught the luck-bringing trick to me (if the words are said before anything else in the morning, the rest of the month will be filled with good fortune) – but now I discover that the origins are likely English or North American.

Regardless, it always seems like January 1st is the most important day of the year to remember one's "rabbit, rabbit," and thus, we present a pair of beautiful white-tailed jackrabbits to ring in a lucky new year. Thank you, as always, to photographer Tony LePrieur for the lovely shot. And a happy lucky New Year to all!

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271 of 1608

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