Photo: Red fox perches on a rock

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What do you do when a fox family of five moves in? Start taking photos...

When life gives you a family of foxes ... make fox photos. Photographer Sam McMillan tells us about his adventure with Vulpes vulpes:

About a three weeks ago at 6:30 am I let my 25 chickens out of their inclosure to free range. I went to check on them at 8:00 am and noticed two dead and eight missing. I thought for sure a coyote got them but a week later I spotted the culprits who took my eggs!!!! A fox family of five had moved in. Three youngsters and parents have proclaimed my place as their territory. When the parents are away hunting the pups have a great time playing and hunting ground squirrels.

Aside from his excited dogs and cranky cooped-up chickens, Sam tells us there will be plenty of fox photos on the horizon.

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244 of 1535

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