Photo: Pika has a taste for flowers

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The American pika, as seen in this photo by Tony LePrieur taken in Kananaskis, Alberta, is really pushing things in the charming department. The pika (Ochotona princeps) is a very cute, very wee member of the rabbit family that lives in the mountains of the western United States and southwestern Canada. As herbivores, they especially love grasses and the wildflowers that grow in their rocky, high mountain habitat ... but given that their mountain climes grow cold in the winter, they need to store food to get them through. Which is why they collect extra wildflowers and grasses and lay them out in the sun to dry, thereby preventing them from getting moldy when they're moved into the den for the cold months.

Read more about pikas here: Meet the 'mouse-bunny' that could vanish from the US.

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612 of 1612

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