Photo: Mizzley Praa Sands is a beauty in black and white

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Our photo of the day proves that color isn't everything.

In most nature photography, color is king. But as Ansel Adams made abundantly clear, black and white images can afford a view of landscapes in which the more formal elements don't have to compete with the scene-stealing flourish of color. In our daily photos we show 99 percent color, but sometimes, a monochromatic shot jumps out and says, HELLO. This shot, taken by Andrew Hocking at Praa Sands in the UK, was one of them! Andrew writes:

"A weather check the day before suggested heavy cloud at high level with scattered showers. But nature had other ideas! - Mist and drizzle (Mizzle) were my challenge, both technically and aesthetically.

I got up at 5am and headed for Coverack. When I got to location, the sun hadn't risen but there was enough light to see a bland sky and calm sea - I wasn't inspired.

I jumped back into the car and headed for Porthleven - hoping for a minimal shot of the pier - possibly with an extra long exposure to completely flatten the sea. By the time I arrived though, mist and drizzle had set in. Unable to use my filters for an artistic shot in these conditions, I took a couple of straight shots which were, if I'm honest, pretty boring!

Remembering that I had used mist to my advantage recently on coastal shots, I searched Google Maps for a nearby beach with adjacent headland that might be shrouded in the mist. I chose Praa Sands - a beach that I'd only visited once before with my camera.

This shot was taken looking towards Rinsey Head - with the cottage on the head only just visible in the mist. Shooting into the light wind in the drizzle, keeping my lens clean was a struggle. Because of this, I left my filters in the bag to avoid extra hassle. Instead, I pushed the aperture to f18 to lower the shutter speed to 1/10 second to record some movement in the sea."

See? Who needs color when you have a misty-drizzly beach on hand?

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225 of 1508

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