Photo: Milky Way dazzles the Eastern Sierra

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Our photo of the day comes from the High Sierra's eastern kingdom in California.

In New York City, in the rare event that we are able to see a few stars up above, I (tirelessly) quip, "Hey! What are those sparkling things in the sky?!"

When I'm faced with a scene like the one in the image above, so expertly captured by photographer Rollie Rodriguez, I am so overwhelmed I feel like I could pass out. A) I need to get out more. B) Light pollution is a serious problem that not enough people pay attention to. Remarkably, two-thirds of Americans can't see the Milky Way from their homes. And the impacts of light pollution go way beyond our inability to wish upon stars. But I digress. (Read more here if you are interested.)

Anyway. Thanks to Rollie for giving us city slickers a glimpse of the magical majesty that is the nighttime sky ... and a gorgeous stretch of California's eastern Sierra to put it all in perspective.

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380 of 1584

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