Photo: Little bear takes the cake for cuteness

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There is cute and then there's cute. This little bear in the water? Playing? Grinning, even? Just impossibly cute!

But maybe the best part is that beyond the ridiculous adorableness on display, this cute cub is a future giant bear. Kodiak brown bears like this one, photographed by Rick Derevan in Kodiak, Alaska, get big. Very big. They are the largest of brown bears and rival (if not surpass) polar bears in size. The largest recorded wild male Kodiak bear tipped the scales at 1,656 pounds (751 kg). When standing completely upright on its hind legs, a large male can reach a height of 10 feet.

Also note that this guy/gal is fishing ... and notice those paws and claws. Well nobody ever said that fierce can't be cute too, right?

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640 of 1612

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