Photo: Jackrabbit isn't a rabbit at all

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credit: Mark Heatherington / Flickr

Our photo of the day is a lesson in misnomers.

This time of spring is all about the rabbits, which made this endearing shot of a black-tailed jackrabbit, taken by Mark Heatherington, seem like an appropriate choice for the daily photo.

But then I remembered that jackrabbits aren't actually rabbits – they are hares. While both belong to the Lagomorpha order of mammals, they have their differences. Hares are born with fur and open eyes, while rabbits are not. Hares are larger and quicker than rabbits, with longer ears, stronger back legs, and larger feet than their rabbit cousins. They generally try to outrun predators, while rabbits escape to their warrens when threatened. But all of that said, hares still make a pretty nice photo for spring.

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