Photo: Hummingbird caught in the midst of magic

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Our photo of the day is a lesson in aerial gymnastics.

Sometimes when a hummingbird passes by all one gets is a flash of color and a loud "whirrr" ... which is why this photo by Sam McMillan is so wonderful. He really caught the creature right in the middle of the action, the wings beating in a blur, but the face perfectly still and composed. Sam writes:

"Some impressive hummingbird facts relate to their flying skills. Unlike any other species of bird, hummingbirds can fly backwards. Even more incredibly, it has recently been discovered that this is actually an efficient means of moving, and requires roughly the same energy as flying forwards. Flying backwards allows hummingbirds to cheerfully reverse from flowers after they feed, saving energy and looking seriously impressive in the bargain."

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477 of 1622

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