Photo: How the sea slug got its spots

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Confession: This editor has a fierce soft spot for the shell-less mollusks known as nudibranchs (or sea slugs) – like the sweet ceratosoma Ceratosoma amoenum shown here in our photo of the day taken by John Turnbull.

With their crazy array of colors and patterns and tufts and tassels, they seem to have sprung straight from the brain of Dr. Seuss. On acid. Seriously, few other creatures share such vibrant combinations of color; what's their secret?

According to Underwater Sydney, these Australian natives get their far-out hues and markings from the food they eat. "Some feed on orange sponges and end up orange, some graze on pink algae and turn pink, some even feast exclusively on blue bottles and turn blue."

They may not be the only animal that attains coloration from its food, but they sure do it with pizzazz.

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335 of 1491

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