Photo: Gloomy morning in the gorgeous mossy woods

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Our photo of the day comes from the UK's Unity Woods.

Photographer Andrew Hocking calls this dreamy shot, "D I S U N I T Y," a play on the location's name, the Unity Woods. He notes that the photograph was taken during a rain shower, and shares some of the decisions that went into making the image:

"Searching for compositions in woodland is still quite a challenge. The 'disunity' of all the intersecting branches and trunks can easily be chaotic - so I try to look for simpler images amongst them. A longer focal length can help - by compressing the perspective to hone in on a specific area. As can mist - although I'm rarely blessed with it!

I composed this image to use the foreground tree's roots to lead into the scene. Beyond the first tree, two more with similar shaped limbs also draw into the centre of the frame. I felt that these trees in particular were the most important features, so I focus stacked the shot to keep them all sharp. It was quite a gloomy morning, so I decided to keep the image dark to represent the conditions."

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73 of 1612

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