Photo: Fuzzy bee sleeps in a flower

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Bee sleeping in flower
credit: marlin harms / Flickr

Our photo of the day comes from Montana de Oro State Park, California.

Photographer marlin harms took this endearing photo on the Coon Creek Trail in San Luis Obispo County. He captioned it with this: "Melissodes sp. Bee Asleep in Throat of Native Morning Glory Flower." At first I thought, oh dear, is that bee really sleeping ... or did it actually pass away in a glorious frenzy of pollen??

Fortunately, my concern was calmed upon further reading. Marlin continued, "We came upon this bee asleep inside the flower in the morning while the fog was still heavy and the air cool and moist. See also adjacent photo for the same bee when awake later the same morning."

Intrigued by (and somewhat envious of) the idea of bees sleeping in flowers, I poked around and sure enough, it's not unusual to find bees getting their 40 winks in the safe haven of a petal bedroom. #goals

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279 of 1678

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