Photo: Foxes caught in play

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Our photo of the day features some fantastically frisky foxes.

The daily photo comes from Flickr user thebutterknife, who didn't add much information about the wonderful shot. We're guessing a play session was in full swing, until one of the sly creatures spotted the photographer. Busted!

But so that you don't have to leave empty-handed (aside from the warm and fuzzy feeling the photo evokes already), we have some random fox-talk facts for you. Here you go: Male foxes are known as dogs, tods or reynards. Females are called vixens; and juveniles are cubs, pups, or kits. And if you should be so lucky as to come across a group of them, you can call them a skulk, a leash, an earth, or a troop.

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418 of 1612

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