Photo: Fawn and doe linger in the dappled light

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Fact (according to me): Few things are cuter than the spots on a fawn – as adorably evidenced by this wonderful image taken by Tony LePrieur in Carburn Park, Calgary Alberta. Thankfully a baby deer holds onto its spots for 90 to 120 days, long enough for us admirers to get a few good glimpses. The spots fade as the fawn grows a thicker coat in preparation for winter weather.

Biologist Jeannine Fleegle has some more facts about the cervine cuties. "The average number of spots on a fawn’s coat ranges from 272-342. And each spot ranges in size from 0.24 to 0.51 inches in diameter. Yes, someone actually counted and measured them at some point," she explains. "Like a fingerprint, spot patterns are unique to every fawn adhering to the general arrangement described above [that being that the spots of their coat run in two lateral lines from ear to tail on each side of a fawn's body] but differing in the number of spots, their size, and how they are dispersed."

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671 of 1626

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