Photo: Details reveal wonders of the marigold

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Our photo of the day is a lesson in taking a moment to look.

Marigolds. So cheerful in their color and with a name that rings of good things, but also so common that sometimes it's easy to them pass by. The showier flowers call for our attention, the dahlias and peonies and roses, while the humble marigold fills its duties in flower boxes and garden borders. But when one stops to look at what a marigold has to offer – wow! This photo by Flickr user Anymouse02 shows us just that. Color so rich it's almost dizzying and ruffles so perfect they look like they came from the hand of a master couturier. Add in a few dew droplets like jewels on a petal and the common marigold becomes just as elegant as its fancier cousins.

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202 of 1495

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