Photo: The cute puffy beauty of a boreal owl

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Our photo of the day comes from Southern Quebec.

This. Owl. Is. Everything!

Here's how the Cornell Lab of Ornithology poetically describes the squat beauty: "In the dark of the night, the small Boreal Owl comes alive in the spruce and fir forests of northern North America and Europe. This bright-eyed, square faced owl sits and waits on a perch for small mammals and birds before gliding down talons first to grab it. From late winter through spring, its quick, hollow hooting sounds across the dark forest as the male calls for a mate."

This photo was taken by ChristinaAnne.M, who writes: "After years and years of wishing to see a Boreal Owl, finally had a chance to see this beautiful rare little visitor in Southern Quebec." We'd say those wishes paid off handsomely.

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33 of 1647

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