Photo: The confident gaze of a black-tailed jackrabbit

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Our photo of the day comes from the Merced National Wildlife Refuge, California.

I usually think of rabbits as somewhat skittish creatures, scampering away as soon as a human enters the scene. But not this confident black-tailed jackrabbit (Lepus californicus) photographed by Don Quintana, who gives photography workshops in California. Don writes of this wonderful shot:

"Sitting alongside the road, comfortably tucked into the newly sprouted Hemlock and dew-covered grasses, this Black-tailed Jackrabbit was quite accommodating. I brought the 4-Runner to a stop and convinced those in the vehicle that could, to join me laying on the ground behind the car. It was a lesson in getting down to eye level with your subject that I was trying to convey to my clients. I think it worked out quite nicely. The Rabbit sat for us for some time, allowing the capture of a good number of shots. It wasn’t until we got up to leave that it hopped off a bit into the brush despite our attempts at being stealthy."

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