Photo: Cherry blossoms to ring in the spring

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Our photo of the day whispers, "Hello, Spring!"

While the weather in some parts may have other plans, the clock ticks ahead as winter turns to spring – for those of us in the northern hemisphere, at least. And what better way to celebrate than with a bevy of beguiling cherry blossoms?

These beauties were photographed by Patrick Joel Negwer in Ueno Park, Tokyo last year. A bouquet in bokeh. Joel writes:

As cherry blossoms start to blossom, a barren land turns pink and white in a whole country and turns into the most beautiful flower I have ever had the pleasure of watching for a short period of time, before dying off and turning into something else...

Is it any wonder that in Japan, the cherry blossoms get their very own cultural tradition? "Hanami" celebrates the transient beauty of flowers when the cherry blossoms spring to life ... more of which you can read about here: We should all adopt 'hanami,' the Japanese tradition of flower viewing

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493 of 1623

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