Photo: Cedar waxwings select the juniper berries

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Our photo of the day was plucked straight from a fairy tale.

Photographer Dhyana Kearly calls this one a "lucky shot" ... in truth, it's so perfect and delightful, it doesn't even look real! Is Snow White just outside of the frame?

Dhyana notes that these gorgeous cedar waxwings flew in to take ripe juniper berries off a tree in the backyard. As it turns out, cedar waxwings eat mostly fruit all year; supping on serviceberry, strawberry, mulberry, dogwood, and raspberries in the summer. When the weather cools, they turn to mistletoe, madrone, juniper, mountain ash, honeysuckle, crabapple, hawthorn, and Russian olive fruits. With a diet like that, is it any wonder these birds are so picture perfect?

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455 of 1626

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