Photo: Bighorn sheep rule the mountaintop

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A few weeks ago we featured photographer Don Quintana's ridiculously adorable baby mountain goats; today we give you his bighorn sheep. The mom and lambs were photographed in Mount Evans, Colorado, and we just can't get over how wonderfully sweet they are! Don writes:

One doesn’t just endure the trek up to the higher elevations to photograph mountain goats on Mount Evans, there are a myriad of other animals to photograph up there too. We were blessed to have the opportunity to have a mixture of mountain goats and bighorn ewes with lambs at the same time. Both of the lambs and the kids were adorable. It was fun to watch them hang out together. Despite the adults being very sure footed, I can tell you the little ones aren’t so much. There were many times when we would watch them lose their balance and fall off a rock. The silly little goat kids, would spend a good part of their time actually pushing each other off of rocks in sort of a king of the mountain type of game. Really just fun to watch...

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659 of 1648

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