Photo: The beauty of a millipede

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Our many-legged photo of the day comes from the wilds of Ecuador.

Being slightly squeamish of creatures with more than, oh, say 300 legs, I never expected to find myself putting "beauty" and "millipede" in the same sentence ... but look at this undeniably attractive arthropod! The comeliness of that coral-colored fringe of legs is hard to deny. And speaking of legs, so many legs, the name "millipede" comes from the Latin for "thousand feet" – even though we know of no millipedes who actually sport 1,000 legs. The record holder for legs is the still-impressive Illacme plenipes, who boasts a mere 750 of them.

Thanks to photographer Andreas Kay for photo ... and for the nerve to cradle all of those legs in your hand!

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669 of 1612

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