Photo: Beautiful Isle of Skye offers news of birds

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Curiosity about this photo of Loch Pooltiel by wendy chapman inspired some sleuthing about the area, which is obviously stunning, but what goes on there? A search turned up a tourist guide to the loch, detailing the history and things to do in this nook of Scotland's Isle of Skye. But the best part was the news section. Here are the latest reports:

10th July 2017: Our local pair of white-tailed eagles were circling together over the bottom road in Lower Milovaig at 3:40pm.

10th Jul 2017: A peregrine falcon flew over the bottom road in Lower Milovaig carrying a small bird at 8am.

11th Jul 2017: There were an adult and juvenile peregrine falcon over the bottom road in Lower Milovaig at 8am. The juvenile was calling loudly.

19th Jul 2017: There was a swift wheeling around over Café Lephin and the houses in Lephin township at 6:30pm. These are extremely rare visitors to Skye but the island is currently experiencing an unusual influx.

So wonderful ... if only CNN would start reporting news like this!

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670 of 1652

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