Photo: The beautiful hoodoos of Aqua Canyon

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Our photo of the day comes from Bryce Canyon, Utah.

Entering Bryce Canyon National Park is like entering some kind of prehistoric fairyland, what with its rough-and-tumble desert landscape punctuated with the wild rock spires called hoodoos – of which you can get a taste of in this photo by SMK Photo taken at the Aqua Canyon Overlook. Hoodoos are formed by two weathering processes that constantly work together in shaping the forms (you can read more about them here). Nowhere else in the world are hoodoos as abundant as they are in Bryce.

Two beloved hoodoos of the park's Aqua Canyon can be seen here – The Hunter, the tall one on the left, and The Rabbit on the right. When the park was much younger, eye-catching hoodoos were given names, but as they naturally topple and crumble they begin to lose their identifying features. Thus, many look little like they once did ... but that doesn't take anything away from beautiful images like this to cement their legacy!

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