Photo: Beautiful bobcat slinks through the grass

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Our photo of the day is all about that gaze.

The expression of the subject in our photo of the day is so great. Anyone who has ever had a domestic cat knows that look; on a wild cat, it's turned up to 11. Photographer Sam McMillan took the shot at Santa Margarita Lake in California, where he was chatting with a friend about not seeing much wildlife. He writes:

Shortly after that conversation I was driving and saw this bobcat hiding in the weeds and tall grass. I watched it for about 4 minutes and got a few good shots before it got some distance away from me. I think it was one of the best looking bobcats that I've seen. It had the most beautiful yellow/gold looking eyes and dark looking face. I think it was hunting the numerous rabbits and ground squirrels near the boat launch area. Go Bobcats!

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447 of 1610

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