Photo: Beautiful beetle's camouflage suggests a surreal world

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Our vibrant photo of the day comes from the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador.

Leave it to the leaf beetle Chlamisus or Fulcidax Chrysomelidae / Cryptocephalinae to put a surreal spin on hiding in plain sight. Photographer Andreas Kay explains:

About 6 mm in length, these warty beetles are supposed to mimic caterpillar droppings, which gives them an advantage in the struggle for survival by protecting them from being eaten by birds, but which caterpillar leaves shiny fuchsia and purple droppings?

Right?! Sounds more unicron than caterpillar ... but then again, in the rainforest, it seems like just about anything is possible.

Andreas also filmed video of this colorful little beetle, which you can view below.

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212 of 1391

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