Photo: Badgers are awesome

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Our photo of the day comes from Los Banos, California.

Look at this stout sweetheart, an American badger (Taxidea taxus), photographed by Donald Quintana Nature and Wildlife Photography at the Merced National Wildlife Refuge. Donald is a wildlife photographer who gives nature tours and workshops, and had this to say about the badger shown here.

"As my friend, Gary Kunkel would say, 'Badgers are awesome,' and I would have to agree. They are members of the weasel family, Mustelidae. Who would have thought, that these are essentially really plump and flat weasels? I’ve seen a few during my time as a nature and wildlife photographer In Yellowstone, but this was a first for my Merced NWR tours."

He explained that the badger had been sighted by locals, but the general consensus was to keep things quiet. "The reason being, to not create a circus around the sighting," he writes. "If you have ever been to Yellowstone, you know what a bear jam is, a badger jam can be just as crazy." Is it any wonder? Badgers are indeed awesome! You can read Donald's account of taking the photo over at Flickr.

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34 of 1678

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