Photo: Baby song sparrows sing for their supper

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Our photo of the day is a lesson in singing and building.

At first glance, this photo by Bill Amidon is all about those babes. Look at those sweet song sparrows, newly hatched and mouths wide open, ready for a deposit of worms or weevils.

But upon closer inspection ... look at mom's engineering in the building of the nest. Cornell Lab of Ornithology describes construction as thus:

"The female builds the nest, working mainly during the morning. It’s a simple, sturdy cup made of loose grasses, weeds, and bark on the outsides, then lined more tidily with grasses, rootlets, and animal hair. Construction takes about 4 days. The finished nest is 4-8 inches across (2-2.5 inches for the inside of the cup), and 2.5-4 inches deep."

Well done, lady sparrows, well done.

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124 of 1586

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