Photo: 170-year-old fig tree is a majestic beauty

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Fig tree
credit: Pete the Poet / Flickr

Our photo of the day comes from Harris Park, Sydney, Australia.

While young in comparison to some trees, this stunning Moreton Bay Fig (Ficus macrophylla forma macrophylla), photographed by Pete The Poet, puts the human lifespan to shame! What a beauty, rooted to the same spot for almost two centuries ... just think of the stories it could tell. Pete writes of the photo:

"According to the sign, this tree was planted around the year 1850. It's quite likely to be true. The colonials loved this species, and planted them out in countless thousands ... Some trees nearby were purchased in Lisbon, in Portugal in 1817. And planted here too. Several of these double centurions are in good form, and looking well.

The colonials loved planting Hoop Pine, Bunya Pine and Plum Pine. All Australian plants and present here. Colonial botanists and collectors such as John Bidwell and Allan Cunningham found that people were eager to promote these native beauties. Just out of shot is a Plum Pine (Podocarpus elatus), from the same time. I wonder where the original plant material originated. Great to see these fabulous old trees at Parramatta."

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213 of 1612

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