Stockholm’s metro stations are a glorious riot of art and color

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Stockholm metro

Take a sneak peak at the world's longest underground art gallery.

Leave it to a Swede to say, as writer August Strindberg did, "art cannot continue to be exclusive to just some people, because then it won’t be long lived." And leave it to a group of Swedish artists to push for a flood of public art to bloom throughout Stockholm's metro system, with 90 of its 100 stations housing art created by over 100 different artists.

WIth a ridership of more than half a million people a day, we love the idea of making public transportation so darn attractive. Who wouldn't want to leave the car behind when you've got stations like this to go to? And of course, since this is Sweden, the art explores issues like women’s rights, inclusivity, and deforestation. (What? I'm not googling "how to move to Sweden" on another tab right now, really.)

There is a nifty interactive at, but you can see some favorites above and on the following pages.

T-Centralen station

The heart of Stockholm’s metro system, all three lines meet at T-Centralen station (pictured above), which hosts art by 17 different artists. The lovely blue vines are by artist Per-Olov Ultvedt; also included are matching blue silhouettes of workers, a tribute to those responsible for building T-Centralen. Like a number of stations, the natural bedrock was left raw and exposed – the organic look and feel of it is gorgeous.

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