My totally unscientific ranking of public transit systems

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highway ariel los angeles
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I’ll give you the license because you’re cute

The first time my grandma got behind the wheel of a car was the day she took her driving test. After she finished, the instructor said, “You’re the worst driver I’ve ever seen. But I’ll give you the license because you’re cute.”

Driving is terrifying. You’re in a death machine whizzing around other death machines. You should need a degree for that kind of thing.

So I use public transit basically wherever I go. As a result, I’ve become something of a public transit connoisseur. I’ve taken trains and buses in dozens of cities on five continents. I've used public transit throughout New York, Barcelona, Quito, Marrakesh, Jerusalem, and plenty of other places. So today, I’m going to rank the public transit systems I’m best acquainted with (ones I've used on a regular basis for at least a couple months) from worst to best.

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