Beautiful isometric transit maps from Japan!

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Japan JR West Transit
credit: Japan JR West Transit

As you know, we love transit maps. It's an under-appreciated artform!

Lloyd found this transit map from the Japan Railway Company on TransitMaps on Tumblr, and I knew I had to do a post to share it with the other map fans out there. But first, a description:

"The map is produced by the JR West company, and its operating area is shown in full detail within the green area (apart from the heavily urbanised areas around Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe, where — wisely — not all stations are shown). Connecting services and routes operated outside the JR West area are also shown, but in less detail — only major stations along the routes are indicated. Shinkansen lines are light blue, JR West main line routes are dark blue (main line routes outside their operating area match the company that operates in that area - red for JR Kyushu, for example), while urban routes seem to follow their established colour-coding."

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