• best of travel nature logo photo

    Best of Green: Travel and Nature

    April 6, 10:27 AM by Blythe Copeland in Natural Sciences

    There's a lot of mega-change happening in the world of travel, and nature, and we've selected nearly 20 honorees who are doing it right to earn a Best of Green Award in this category. From best yoga retreat to best nature photographer, there's something f

  • james lovelock photo

    9 Environmental Icons: Walking the Green Path for 25 Years

    April 3, 12:46 PM by Mat McDermott in Culture

    James Lovelock I imagine, like most people I became aware of the Gaia Theory—essentially that the all of the complex interacting systems that make up the planet can effectively be seen as a single large organism—before I knew of its originator, James Love

  • my brush with wildlife in kenya vervet monkey photo

    My Brush With the Wildlife in Kenya

    April 2, 8:57 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Natural Sciences

    Among the many great projects that Lipton undertakes on their tea plantation in Kericho is the monkey sanctuary. This vervet monkey was a nursing mother and she was too busy stuffing as much bread into her mouth as she could to take the banana that was

  • tofu-550.jpg

    10 Tasty Ways to Enjoy Fake Meat

    April 1, 10:30 AM by Jess Root in Green Food

    Tofu is a more obvious meatless go-to but its feathery texture doesn’t always suffice for most meat-lovers. Better ways to serve the weary include deep frying it so it gets the golden, crispy skin akin to these delicious Thai-inspired chicken-less satay s

  • a view of kenya airplane and pilot image

    A View of Kenya by Air and by Car

    March 31, 10:02 AM by Kelly Rossiter in Natural Sciences

    This is the first day of our press junket to Kericho, Kenya to see the Lipton Tea Plantation. They are working to get all of their tea plantations certified by the Rainforest Alliance by the year 2015 and we are going to see just what that entails. We a

  • b-stick-loaded-bike.jpg

    Extraordinary Loads on Ordinary Bikes

    March 30, 9:34 AM by Jaymi Heimbuch in Cars

    This loaded down bike was spotted on a trip to Java. We're not exactly sure where the rider is supposed to sit - though maybe there's a secret entrance to the seat somewhere in there.

  • tesla model s electric car photo

    Tesla Model S Electric Car

    March 28, 9:09 PM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    It finally is here! The Tesla Model S electric car, Tesla's first sedan, and the first Tesla that isn't based on an already existing car (the electric Roadster had lots of Lotus DNA).

  • twitter earth hour image

    What Are You Doing for Earth Hour?

    March 28, 3:56 PM by Jaymi Heimbuch in Culture

    We wanted to know some of the great activities @TreeHugger Followers planned to participate in during Earth Hour tonight. Gathered here are some of the great responses we received. If you're looking for inspiration for how to spend an hour without power,

  • amur leopard photo

    10 Animals Which Will Be Extinct Within Your Lifetime

    March 27, 1:50 PM by Mat McDermott in Natural Sciences

    Amur Leopard Historially the Amur Leopard's range included the Amur River Basin and the mountains of northeast China and the Korean Peninsular, but today it is only found in one small area of far eastern Russia, and (possibly) Jilin Province in China. The

  • shanghai tower gensler green buildings china photo

    China's Stunning Green Buildings

    March 26, 10:19 AM by Alex Pasternack in Sustainable Product Design

    Gensler's super-tall, 128-story Shanghai Tower will be, for a moment at least, China's tallest building. It will also be highly green, featuring atriums and lush gardens in the tower, wind turbines on top, and a large green space below. The kicker in the

  • john-williams-ideas-project-subway.jpg

    Transportation in China

    March 25, 4:00 PM by Alex Pasternack in Cars

    A sea of bicycles at rush hour near a subway station in Beijing.

  • casulo boxed up transformer furniture photo

    10 Coolest Multifunctional Furniture Designs

    March 24, 2:34 PM by Collin Dunn in Sustainable Product Design

    It doesn't look like it, but hiding in this box are an armoire, a desk, a height-adjustable stool, two more stools, a six-shelf bookcase, and a bed with a mattress. Casulo is a brilliant transforming furnishing system that fits an entire apartment's worth

  • Lisa-Sadie.jpg

    The Incredible Ethiopian Journey in Search of Water

    March 20, 7:12 AM by Leonora Oppenheim in Natural Sciences

    In April 2008 WaterAid and Ecover launched a partnership to work in Ethiopia, one of the world's poorest and driest countries. With Ecover contributing £90 000 of funding over a three year period they aim to help 14,750 people gain access to safe water an

  • fisker karma electric car photo

    Fisker Karma and Karma S Plug-In Hybrid Luxury Cars

    March 19, 1:53 PM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    The Karma plug-in hybrid (basically an electric car with an onboard gas generator that can recharge the batteries to extend the total driving range) has been getting lots of attention lately, like the Tesla Roadster electric car before it. Let's have a cl

  • galapagos slideshow iguana photo

    Galapagos Islands: Travel and Conservation

    March 18, 10:57 AM by Brian Merchant in Natural Sciences

    The Galapagos Islands. One of the most striking, strangely beautiful places on Earth. But don't take my word for it--or Charles Darwin's for that matter. Last year, I had the great fortune of accompanying 30 accomplished secondary school teachers on a tre

  • Portugal recycling bin photo

    Recycling Bins From Around the World

    March 16, 7:44 AM by Jaymi Heimbuch in Natural Sciences

    The photographer of these recycling containers in Portugal notes: "Most Portuguese don't use recycle bins. On one hand, there aren't many across the country. On the other hand, people don't understand the need." Sounds like it's an issue of not knowing wh

  • bluecar electric car b0pininfarina bollore photo

    Bluecar Electric Car by Pininfarina and Bolloré

    March 12, 7:06 PM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    Formely known as the B0 (B Zero) electric car, the Bluecar by Italy's Pininfarina and France's Bolloré (a 50-50 partnership) is a quite beautiful vehicle. In this slideshow we'd like to give you a little tour of it, from the exterior and interior, includi

  • brad pitt hydrogen 7 image

    10 Hollywood Hunks and Their Hot Green Cars

    March 11, 2:00 PM by Emma Grady in Culture

    Eco-celeb Brad Pitt swapped his fleet of conventional cars for hybrids and was among celebrities to be a given a sneak preview of the Lexus RX 400h luxury SUV hybrid (shown here with the BMW Hydrogen 7). Rate Pitt and other green celebs on Planet Green's