9 more companies making luxurious, all-natural perfumes

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La Bella Figura
credit: La Bella Figura

These perfumes are safe for your body!

Finding out what’s in your lipstick, shampoo, and lotion is getting easier as more consumers demand to know and understand ingredient lists. But perfume and cologne remain the last bastions of opaqueness – the products of a veiled, vague industry in which manufacturers cite “industry secrets” and “proprietary fragrance” as the reason for not revealing what’s actually in their fancy and exorbitantly expensive bottles.

That’s a big problem. While rival companies could easily hire a lab to decipher the ingredients and figure out how products are being made, the fact is that conventional perfume-makers hide their ingredients because they don’t want us – the general public – to know what’s inside. Because if we did, and we took the time to decipher those ingredients and understand the implications for our health, we’d never want to touch them again.

Fortunately some small companies see this is a fabulous opportunity (which it is). There is now a growing industry of natural, non-toxic, and green perfume companies that are entirely transparent while still offering the luscious scents to which we humans are so attracted. You won’t find these companies at the local department store, so have a peek at the following slideshow to find out what’s happening in the world of natural perfumes.

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