6 simple homemade hair masks to treat your tresses

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In 2013, Americans spent $11.4 billion on haircare products. That’s a lot of money spent on chemical-laden mystery concoctions that are potentially doing more harm than good. The U.S. EPA lists a number of unsavory ingredients found in the things we use in our hair, ranging from lead and sodium hydroxide to dibutyl phthalates and formaldehyde – with a host of associated health effects that are disconcertingly dire.

While we’re not exactly saying that your store-bought shampoo and conditioner are going to kill you, we are saying that it really couldn’t hurt to use things that are simple, clean and pure. Like, food! We’ve already covered the shampooing part; so here we have a list of one-ingredient masks using things from the kitchen to tackle a host of hair complaints. Not only are the following treatments safer for you, but they won't foul the wastewater, don't produce excess packaging and are much cheaper, among other benefits. Plus, it's fun to mash food into your hair.

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